Will the girl with giant cheeks live happily ever after?

Will the girl with giant cheeks live happily ever after?

The 4-year-old Katie, who suffers from a rare disorder which causes portions of her head and face to be abnormally large, has just undergone a surgery in Hollywood, Florida, to have a one-pound mass removed from her left cheek.

The weight of her cheeks is so heavy that gets tired of just holding up her head, reveals

Katie was diagnosed with megalencephaly before she was born, and doctors warned her parents of the potential severity of her condition.

The little one has already had a part of her brain removed when she was an infant to control seizures.

She laughs when her sisters and brothers sing and dance and act crazy in front of her. Loud noises thrill her.

She likes sweets and some salty snacks, even though she gets most of her nutrition through a feeding tube. She watches the Disney Channel with the rapt attention of most children of her age.

It has been little more than 2 weeks since the world heard about Katie through a newspaper article. Financial help has poured in from all corners of the world.

Katie has seven more siblings and the family has been managing by using Katie’s disability check.

Now, Katie will undergo a series of ground-breaking surgeries.

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