They called my child an alien Then this happened, the mother recounted in a viral video.

They called my child an alien Then this happened, the mother recounted in a viral video.

Everything begins as an act of hope. We may not have what it takes to achieve what we are wishing for but hope is stronger than anyone could ever imagine. Today we share the story of a mother and her son and how things took a different turn for her and her baby after their story went viral across different digital platforms.

Bajeneza Liberata and her baby’s story was first aired three months ago, on the 17th of August, by Afrimax English. The video which has surpassed 4.9 million views on YouTube, became the talk of town raising more questions than and answers.

According to Afrimax while sharing an update on Liberata’s story, Leberata and her husband were so much in love but all that changed the day she gave birth to this baby. The husband had escorted her to the hospital to give birth, however, what followed was not what she had expected. Her husband upon seeing the baby, walked away and abandoned her in the hospital. To her it was all a joke until he watched him leave and since then she never saw him again.

According to him, she is not responsible for the monster that she had given birth to and she should take the baby back to the devil because that is where it belonged. Doctors and everyone in the hospital got shocked when they saw this baby. She stayed at the hospital until a good Samaritan offered to take her home.

At the time, both were living in the city but after the husband left she was forced to take her child and other children with her back to the village where she was born and ask her parents if they could help. However, while in the village things got worst as the villagers started calling the baby an alien among others names. They also did not want to associate with her or her baby and this is when she was visited by Afrimax and her story got told to the world.

The story went viral just few hours after being uploaded on YouTube. Many people who watched the story donated so that the baby could travel to India and get treatment. Surprisingly, after the husband heard that the mother had received donations to take the baby for treatment, he came back begging for forgiveness. However, she is yet to decide what to do with him.What could you have done in her case? Share with us what you think in the comments section below.

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