The lost tiger cub made adorable noises from his mother that made the zoo staff unable to restrain themselves. p.1

The lost tiger cub made adorable noises from his mother that made the zoo staff unable to restrain themselves. p.1

In an event that marks a significant milestone for conservation efforts, Chester Zoo recently celebrated a pivotal moment in the care of its newest and most rare inhabitants – three nine-week-old Sumatran tiger cubs. These cubs, hailing from one of the most critically endangered tiger subspecies in the world, underwent their first health check-ups, a critical step in ensuring their well-being and future contribution to the conservation of their species.

Chester Zoo Tiger Cub Check Up 4

Under the watchful eyes of zoo vets and keepers, the trio received a comprehensive health evaluation last week. This included determining their sexes, administering worm treatments, fitting them with microchips for identification, and providing vaccinations against cat flu. Tim Rowlands, the Curator of Mammals at Chester Zoo, emphasized the similarity of the vaccines to those given to domestic cats, with the notable distinction being the heightened caution exercised when handling the wild cubs.

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Each cub underwent a thorough physical examination and was weighed, ensuring they are in good health and proper body condition. Livia Benato, a Veterinary Officer at the zoo, shared the encouraging news that all cubs, identified as females, have been given a clean bill of health. This news was warmly received, adding a touch of festive joy with Keeper Alan Woodward humorously comparing the trio of female cubs to “three little angels” in contrast to “three wise men” this Christmas season.

The cubs were born on October 21 to Kirana and Fabi, marking a significant triumph for Chester Zoo and the global conservation community. With an estimated 400 Sumatran tigers remaining in the wild, primarily on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, every birth in captivity is a beacon of hope. These majestic creatures face numerous threats, including poaching for traditional medicine, which continues to decimate their populations.

Chester Zoo Tiger Cub Check Up

Chester Zoo Tiger Cub Check Up 5

The introduction of these tiger cubs into the European-wide breeding program signifies more than just a success for Chester Zoo; it represents a crucial safety net for the species. This program aims to preserve genetic diversity and provide a reservoir population that could, if necessary, support reintroduction initiatives to bolster wild populations should they edge closer to extinction.

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The birth and successful health check-ups of these Sumatran tiger cubs underscore the importance of zoological institutions in conservation and the global effort to save species on the brink. As these cubs grow and eventually contribute to the breeding program themselves, they carry the legacy of their species and the hope for a future where the Sumatran tiger roams freely in the wild, far from the threats that endanger their existence today.

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