“Please Save My Puppies” The Wet Mama Dog Endured The Pain To Crawl To Find Her Puppies

“Please Save My Puppies” The Wet Mama Dog Endured The Pain To Crawl To Find Her Puppies

“Help me, there is a dog lying in the ditch.” The fear in the girl’s voice was palpable. I rushed to the scene, not knowing what to expect, but I never imagined the sight that awaited me. A dirty dog, struggling to breathe, had a rope tightly tied around her neck. The sight brought me to tears as I felt the immense pain and fear she must have been enduring.

The dog, though, was suspicious and aggressive. She didn’t want me to touch her and tried to run away. I tried to calm her with soothing words, but she remained distrustful, likely fearing I would cause her more harm. She struggled but couldn’t get up, her exhaustion evident. I knew I needed help to rescue her safely, so I called for assistance. We used a mat to secure her, avoiding any more distress.

After some time, the dog began to breathe evenly, though the exhaustion was clear. For everyone’s safety, she was fitted with a muzzle. The rope around her neck was knotted tightly, making it difficult for her to breathe. The doctors worked to stabilize her condition, which felt like a nightmare. Despite her fear, she allowed me to rub and caress her, showing a glimmer of trust.

The x-rays revealed shocking news: her leg and pelvis were complexly broken. Moreover, she was breastfeeding. But where were her puppies? Two farmers provided a crucial clue, pointing us to an area where they had seen the mother dog frequently. We heard faint cries and, after searching, found the first puppy, cold and waiting for its mother. The sight was heart-wrenching.

As the mother dog, now named Blanca, recovered from her injuries, her transformation was remarkable. She turned out to be a beautiful and gentle dog, happy to be with her puppies. They all began to live a joyful life together, a stark contrast to their ordeal. Blanca’s recovery was praised by the doctors, and it was believed that an accident had led to her falling into the ditch. The mystery of who tied the rope around her neck remains unsolved, but the important thing is that she and her puppies now have a chance at a happy life.

Blanca and her puppies brought so much joy to our shelter. Seeing them thrive and smile brought immense satisfaction. They had a new lease on life, filled with love and care. Thank you for accompanying them on their journey. Goodbye, and see you again in the next stories.

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