Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce's potential issues could affect Chiefs' chemistry in 2024

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce’s potential issues could affect Chiefs’ chemistry in 2024

The Kansas City Chiefs‘ dominance over the rest of the NFL throughout the 2020s will be put to the test in 2024. As the Chiefs pursue an NFL first — three consecutive Super Bowl titles — internal division could threaten to derail Kansas City‘s history-making express.

Fans already know that the franchise is dealing with a number of controversies, including recevier Rashee Rice’s legal problems, allegations made against defensive lineman Isaiah Buggs, and a homophobic speech made by kicker Harrison Butker at a college commencement last month. But those problems would pale in comparison to a fracture in the relationship between the team’s most recognizable stars: tight end Travis Kelce and quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

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Kelce and Mahomes: More than meets the eye?

Recent events have made fans “key in” on Kelce and Mahomes amidst the behavioral problems that have already plagued several Kansas City players.

At their recent White House visit, Mahomes came dressed for the occasion, while Kelce opted for a bit more of a casual look. The two teammates also went back-and-forth on social media during a Dallas Stars playoff game, while Kelce said Mahomes gets “every call you can think of” as part of an elaborate putdown of the Chicago Bears during a charity event this past weekend.

However, if personal divisions exist behind the scenes, Kelce and Mahomes are experts at covering it up. Mahomes recently recalled when he encouraged Kelce to pursue pop star Taylor Swift — the two have been dating for nine months. And with history on the line in 2024, the two star teammates will be determined to not let any personal animosity — should it exist — get in the way of further success with the Chiefs.

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