Celebrity Chefs Bring the Heat: Ramsay’s Mentors Join Teams on Culinary Journey

Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars continued to impress last night, reaching a total national audience of 1,356,000. The teams embarked on a thrilling 24-hour journey, transforming an empty space into an exclusive, one-of-a-kind event set to be reviewed by 40 esteemed food critics.

Adding to the excitement, Ramsay welcomed celebrity chefs Matt Moran and Scott Pickett to mentor the teams on their journey. “In my opinion, two of the biggest chefs on the planet,” Gordon declared. “So, no f***ing pressure.”

While Wednesday night ratings saw a slight dip, The 1% Club UK version claimed the top spot among non-news programs. The comedic quiz show garnered a total TV national reach of 1,390,000 and a national average audience of 673,000 for the Seven Network.

Meanwhile, over on Ten, a national average audience of 687,000 tuned in to I’m A Celeb… to witness Callum and Michelle engaged in an intense game of Extreme Bingo.

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