Beyond the Surface: Hollow Earth and Other Censored Tales of American History

Beyond the Surface: Hollow Earth and Other Censored Tales of American History

One of the better preserved and most photographed giants was found in a cave near San Diego, Cal., measuring almost 10 feet tall, near the turn of the 20th Century.

The World News, Oct. 6, 1895

Considering the plethora of ancient archeological sites in North America conspicuously left out of our mainstream education here in America, this article, American History Censored: Mound Builders, Giants of Antiquity and Hollow Earth will show that North America was inhabited with a social sophisticated and technologically advanced ancient race of man. Although much speculation has been bandied about of this race’s origins, I will once again make the connection to our Hollow or Inner Earth ancestors that simple can no longer be ignored or censored.

The question most often asked and which is the most perplexing to those new to this information is why would those that formulate our education system and write our history books consistently leave out, censor and distort the abundant discoveries of this ancient giant race of North America.

The amount of censored ancient archeological sites in North America is quite simply staggering in volume. There are literally thousands of newspaper articles from early American History that show that an ancient race of giants lived and thrived in America long before and during the Native Americans existence on this continent.

How all this information could be so thoroughly eliminated from our mainstream American History text books and scientific journals shows the scope and depth of the censorship that routinely goes on here in America. This legacy of humanity, kept secret for centuries, is a testament to the sophistication of ancient man and clearly shows that a conspiracy of silence has been perpetuated on the world for thousands of years by the small few ruling elite that wish to keep mankind rooted in everlasting ignorance.

This censorship was carried out by none other than the Smithsonian, an institution that was created to preserve and record the history of the United States of America. Over the course of the many decades of the development and construction of American roads, towns, dams, bridges and other infrastructure, thousands of ancient mounds, temples, burial sites and even whole towns have been discovered revealing an incredibly vast network of a very sophisticated race of giants that lived in North America.

The Smithsonian Institute would come in to newly discovered sites and invariable take over any archeological digs being conducted by private citizens or States and Territories, with the promise that the artifacts and skeletal remains would be displayed at a later date in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, only to never be seen again.

Grand Canyon Temple

This painting by Steven Quayle shows what was found inside a the cave system in the Grand Canyon that is now off limits to the American public.

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Rewriting American History

While the theory of Asiatic people migrating over a Siberian/Alaska ice bridge to inhabit North America 15 to 30 thousand years ago, certainly has merit, there is a vast amount of information, archeological sites, artifacts, skeletons and other evidence to support the contention that an ancient race of red haired giants lived in America during this same time period.

We will learn more about them below but what I want my reader to be clear about going forward is that the Smithsonian has conspired to destroy, censor and misinform the America public and the World, to our ancient heritage and legacy. This crime of the obfuscation of the truth, not just to the American people but the entire World is crime of historical treason.

One of the ruling elites favorite tactics when trying to confuse and distort the truth, is to create false stories about certain subjects and publish them in satirical newspapers or on the internet. This creates the impression that the information is a hoax. Because there is an overwhelming amount of evidence already, which they have no hope of denying, the only way they can hide the truth is to make up stories that are blatantly false to distort the truth.

This is done all the time with UFO sightings, False Flag events, the Hollow or Inner Earth subject and many historical events as way to make sure the public doesn’t get the complete picture. To help convince the average researcher and the general public photoshopped pictures are also introduced with confusing or misleading sources. Often these stories will include fictitious quotations from scientists that may or may not exist.

The reason I mention this is that there is just such a story on the internet today that has gained a lot of traction, concerning the ancient giants of North America. This story is based on how a fictitious organization American Institution of Alternative Archeology was involved in a fictitious lawsuit with the Smithsonian Institution that reached the US Supreme Court.

Let me be clear, so thoroughly deceptive and blatant has been the censorship of this important historical record that 90% of Americans consider this ancient giant race to be some sort of photoshopped internet hoax. Yet, historical records show that this race of giants were in fact the ancestors of the Toltec and Aztecs civilizations of Mexico and may very well have been the survivors of the flood that destroyed Atlantis.

By creating a story that can’t be easily proven as false, they hope to convince the average reader that the entire subject is a hoax because certain aspects are false. These are the same tactics trolls use on the internet to distract reader from the truth of any article by leaving comments that disparage spelling or grammar while not addressing the theme of the article.

This allows them to include true and accurate quotes and present them in a sarcastic context. While this article American History Censored: Mound Builders, Giants of Antiquity and Hollow Earth will give you a brief glimpse into the history and discoveries of this ancient race of red and blond haired caucasian giants, it is designed to help you investigate further and research on your own.


An artists depiction of what Cahokia would have looked like in its heyday, the population of this city was around 25,000 people near St. Louis, MO.

Michael Hampshire

Richard J. Dewhurst

Relate Articles

A Sample of Early American Newspaper Articles

Here is a sample of just a few of the thousands of newspaper articles that crisscross the country from early American discoveries that consistently reveal the same basic information over and over again. Taken from the book, The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America: The Missing Skeletons and the Great Smithsonian Cover-Up by Richard J. Dewhurst.

  1. New Hampshire Giant Nine Feet Tall, Portsmouth HeraldAugust 17, 1899, Excavation of a public highway has unearthed the skeletal remains of a man fully nine feet tall. The remains are though to be of the ancient mound builder race.
  2. Bones Of Giant Indians Found In Maryland, Baltimore American, November 15, 1897, – In the article it describes the leg bones of these gigantic humans to be comparable to that of a horse leg bone in length and thickness.
  3. Ancient Burial Ground At Black Creek, Charleroi Mail, May 7, 1953, – Forty-nine skeletons some measuring eight feet in length were exhumed at an ancient Indian burial site in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. These remains were taken to the Harrisburg Museum for reconstruction and later shipped to the Smithsonian Institute. “The Smithsonian denies any knowledge of them.” This is a reoccurring theme repeated over and over again by the Smithsonian in many of the newspaper articles and complaints filed by local citizens and landowners where the giants remains were found.
  4. Report Of Sixty-Eight Skeletons Averaging Seven-Feet Tall, Charleston Daily Mail, September 20, 1916, – Huge axes were found near the remains of 68 giant skeletons unearthed by Professor Skinner of the American Indian Museum near Sayre, Pennsylvania, the average length being seven feet but many were far taller.
  5. Giant Eight Feet, Seven Inches Tall Unearthed, Ohio Science Annual, 1898 – The skeletal remains of an ancient man were exhumed beneath a mound that measured 8 feet, 7 inches tall in Reinersville in Morgan County, Ohio.
  6. Cardiff Giant Undone With Enormous Giant Helmut, Ohio Democrat, January 14, 1870, – On the property of Robert R. Smith while erecting a derrick a giant helmut was unearthed, along side it was a sword measuring nine feet in length. The helmut was in the shape of those found in the ruins of Nineveh and the skeletal remains measure a whopping 18 feet in length.
  7. Another Ohio Giant Now Seems Small At Only Eight Feet, Ohio Morning Sun News Herald, April 14, 1904, – A giant skeleton, thought to be of the ancient mound builder race was found on the Woolverton farm measuring eight feet in length. The skull is large enough to be worn as a helmut by those that discovered the remains.
  8. Scientists Find Giant Skeleton: In Life They Averaged Twelve Feet High, Monroe County Mail, June 18, 1914, – Workers digging a drainage system in Crowville, Missouri discovered the remains of at least 20 skeletons that averaged 12 feet in length. The skulls were in a state of perfect preservation and showed a double row of teeth front and back.
  9. Beach Giant’s Skull Unearthed by WPA Workers Near Victoria County, Texas, San Antonio Express, 1931 – The announcement in 1931 of a giant skull found by Works Progress Administration archeologist in association with University of Texas proclaimed that this huge skull could very well be the largest in the world. Dr. Ales Hrdlicka of the Smithsonian Institute said . . . “these finds in Texas are beginning to give weight to the theory that man lived in Texas 40,000 to 45,000 years ago.”
  10. Rancher Refuses To Sell Skeleton Of Giant, Arizona Journal-Miner, October 13, 1911, – Peter Marx of Walnut Creek, refuse to give or sell his discovery of a giant skeleton he unearthed on his land to the attache of the Smithsonian Institute, Mr. Shoup. Mr. Shoup did say however that the area in which the skeleton was found and the artifacts it was found with suggest it belonged to a highly sophisticated and intelligent ancient civilization.

These ten articles are just a small fraction of the thousands of articles I have been able to locate in books on the subject, interestingly enough not many of these articles can be found online. Despite the Smithsonian Institutes obvious involvement in many of these finds, the information and knowledge of these archeological sites and digs remains obscure and incomplete.

I implore my reader to click on the many links I have provided in this article American History Censored: Mound Builders, Giants of Antiquity and Hollow Earth, so that they may get the full scope and depth of the complex picture.

Skull Comparison

Note the difference between the read haired giant skull on the left (elongated) and a skull of a European on the right.

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