Unveiling North America's Towering Giants: Archaeological Discoveries Illuminate a Tragic Saga from Ancient Chronicles (Video)

Unveiling North America’s Towering Giants: Archaeological Discoveries Illuminate a Tragic Saga from Ancient Chronicles (Video)

During the late 19th century and early 20th century, archaeologists, as well as amateur enthusiasts, were digging up these giant skeletons left and right. I came across a video noting the giant skeletons found in Wisconsin.


These skeletons were allegedly 8 to 10 feet tall and they also supposedly vanished without a trace after being sent to a museum. Most of these skeletons that were found in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were found in ancient Indian burial mounds.

Today, it’s against the law to disturb any Indian burial mounds or any Indian graves, so that might just be why we are not finding them today as we did in the past. There are also a lot of theories that suggest that these giant people who roamed the Americas were not Homo sapiens at all, but a different species altogether.

I know it sounds crazy but there were Neanderthals as well as these awesome hobbits that did exist right alongside with us, so if hobbit-sized people did exist I think it’s fair to say that it is possible that a species of giants could have existed as well. And they walked right into North America thousands of years ago. But if this was true, you would think the Native Americans would have legends about these giant people.

And yes, you guessed it, they do, it’s a huge part of their history. According to legends, the first native Americans were giant red-haired white cannibals. When the proud Indian folk first settled here it is told that they fought epic battles against these giants, also known as the real Indian wars.

One of the most famous stories that is still being told within the Indian tribes happened in Nevada. The story goes that the Indians had an epic battle with these giants and won. The remaining giants retreated back to their cave, the Indians followed and cut the rest down one by one until no more giants were left alive.

Even the Aztecs and Mayans recorded their encounters. The Mayans and Aztecs would venture out on exploratory expeditions into North America. When they came back they would tell tales about these huge giants that lived in the north.

And it’s not just North America, not to long after the Spanish arrived in South America they started to enslave the natives and forced them to work the mines and look for gold. The natives kept dying to diseases and from overwork. So they went in search to find new slaves. The Spanish determined upon a place now known as the land of the giants.

When The Spanish returned they followed commands about these huge people. But do keep in mind the Spanish at that time were only on average 5 ft. 5 so to them a group of 6 to 7 ft. tall people would be considered giants to them. Also the Spanish did enslave these people, making me believe that they were not like the 10 ft. tall red haired cannibal warriors of the north.

Now we have the legends, we have the stories, we got this guy. But what about the evidence? Giant skeletons were reported to be dug up all over North America in the past.

We do have a lot of pictures, and very, very, very credible witnesses, but I can’t think of one actual skeleton on display.

I am a very easy going person but even I have a hard time believing that people, or some sort of shadow government would want to cover all this up, especially in the early 20th century. But I also don’t think it’s pure BS just to sell newspapers. Most of these alleged giant skeletons were discovered by very well liked, and respected archaeologists.

If you love these type of unexplained mysteries like I do I would highly recommend to check out the new series in search for the lost giants on the history channel as well as “The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America” written by Richard J. Dewhurst, It will definitely make you wonder.


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