Remarkable Journey: Indian Boy Defies Odds with Feet Three Times the Normal Size (Video)

Remarkable Journey: Indian Boy Defies Odds with Feet Three Times the Normal Size (Video)

4-year-old Verdant Joshi, living in Gujarat, western India, is often teased and bullied by his friends because of his giant feet, even though he can still walk and run normally. Vedant’s feet are 28 cm long and weigh 5.4 kg and are compared to… a bag of potatoes.Some doctors recommended amputating the boy’s right foot while others said the condition was not life-threatening. The boy’s father was desperate and hoped that there was a doctor who could help his son avoid leg surgery – something that would make the rest of the boy’s life worse.

Vedant said that because of his unusual feet, he was ostracized by other children. “My friends laugh because I can’t run fast. I can’t play soccer with my friends even though I say I can. I also want to go to school but the teacher said I can’t go.”

Instead, Vedant’s life revolves around his two-room house, where he often plays with his mother Jayshree Joshi (26 years old) and younger sister Vrisha (1 year old).

Over the past four years, his parents have taken the boy to see hundreds of doctors, but all were confused by the boy’s giant feet. All failed at diagnosis.

“I tried everything, from surgery, orthopedics, to seeing bone and skin specialists, but to no avail. Everyone shook their heads,” said Mr. Dilip Kumar Joshi (30 years old, Vedant’s father).

He added: “Even doctors in the US cannot tell us where the problem lies. Some say it’s a hormonal imbalance, some say the blood isn’t flowing properly.” Meanwhile, the size of Vedant’s feet kept increasing with his age and height. It is likely that it will reach shocking proportions.

“I’m afraid it will explode like a balloon,” the father worried.

Vedant does not feel pain in his legs and can still walk, run, cross his legs, and even cycle without any support. But doctors still believe that the foot should be amputated.

“ If I have surgery, my son will be permanently disabled and depend on others forever ,” the father sighed.

Dr Manibhai Patel, who runs a private clinic in Deesa, Gujarat, believes the boy’s condition is incurable. “Vedant is the first case that I have seen in my 35-year career. The boy’s leg appears to be a genetic disease but I cannot determine the actual cause so I cannot recommend any treatment.” medicine or even surgery. But I don’t believe it threatens the boy’s life,” he said.

The world once had a case of a British woman named Mandy Sellers, who was born with unusually large legs and continued to grow larger. Ultimately, she was diagnosed with the congenital disorder Proteus Syndrome for which there is no cure. It is possible that Vedant suffers from the same condition.

Vedant’s mother said that when she was pregnant, the fetus was a healthy baby but the right leg was abnormally large at birth.

“There was a time when Vedant came to me, crying and saying that his foot was deformed because he had committed some sin in the past. Those words broke my heart. I didn’t know how to explain it to my child.” ”.

Although Vedant did not encounter any problems in his daily life, he had difficulty finding suitable shoes and pants.

Parents initially bought two pairs of shoes of different sizes for Vedant. But two years ago his feet grew too big and could no longer fit any shoes. Vedant’s father sewed his right shoe himself from an old pair of jeans.


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